1.1 The Regulation of the accommodation "MATTEO RESIDENCE" with offices in Marcianese, 110 / A, Lanciano (CH), is set up to ensure everyone a uniform, orderly, serene and peaceful use of the same. It has a contractual nature between the management "MATTEO RESIDENCE SRL" and the Guest and, therefore, the request to stay in apartments and acceptance of such request by the Directorate, implies full acceptance of these Regulations. Failure of the Regulations and the other provisions of Management involves turning away from the structure of the offender and the relevant reporting of the Public Authority also made in the case where non-compliance could possibly lead one to suppose the commission of an offense.

1.2 must also be complied with all the particulars on the signs in places of accommodation.

1.3 The parents (or whoever legally exercising) are jointly responsible for the acts of their minor children within the facility and are required to supervise them and make sure you maintain a polite and respectful behavior towards others, under his direct responsibility . In particular, as regards the duty to observe the silence, the correct use of the services and facilities provided by the structure to its guests. And 'prohibited any activity likely to disturb other guests.

1.4 The approach adopted by both of legal age, as minors, the contract is deemed essential, therefore, any infringement of the provisions of this Regulation and in any case, the common rules of civil coexistence and good performance of the residence, according to the judgment will contractually delegated being appealed to the Directorate, the immediate termination of the contract made for the Guest and removal from the residence within 5 hours of contesting the facts, for the whole family. In this case, the Department of Residence is entitled to retain any amounts already paid and claim the remaining sums, even by way of damages, except the right to claim additional damages found.


2.1 Reservations can be made through the following modes: On-Line, on the site; by telephone, by calling the number. +39-0872.470050, by FAX, the number +39-0872.470051, EMAIL, at; in person at the front desk of the Residence. Reservations are accepted subject to availability and are only valid if confirmed in writing and upon payment of a deposit equal to 30% of the amount due for the period booked.

2.2 The deposit by credit card, will be charged at the 30% of the total, at the time of booking and will not be refunded under any circumstances, even in cases of immediate termination. In the absence of a credit card, the deposit must be paid to confirm the booking, by money order or bank draft must be made within 3 days of reservation request, according to information communicated by management.

2.3 The housing prices are published at the front desk of the Residence and the website

2.4 The Check-in (arrival) must be made between 16:00 and 20:00, after 20:00 arrivals can be accepted only after agreement with the management.

2.5 The apartments of the Residence are available from 16.00 on day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00 on day of departure. Rates are per day, regardless of the input.

2.6 The amount payable for the duration of stay, unless otherwise agreed, must be paid, the balance, at the check-in.

2.7 At their arrival, guests must present their documents to the front desk and fill out the form to the DP The selection and designation of the place is left to management.

2.8 Unaccompanied children of people of age will be accepted only if they have a release signed by parents (or whoever legally exercising parental care), with their telephone-call and a copy of their paper.

2.9 The day of departure the room must be vacated by 10.00, when the room is not vacated by that time will incur a cost of 5 € for every hour spent in more than the hours 16.00 (good time to rearrange the room ) will be charged the total cost. Room keys must be delivered at the front desk personnel, who shall supervise the data in use (to avoid discussion is encouraged to give notice of any breakages, etc..). The account must be requested and paid on the day before departure.


3.1 The drinking water supplied in the structure is in accordance with applicable laws. It 's absolutely forbidden to use water for misuse. The use is permitted only for the primary uses (cooking, personal hygiene, washing dishes and clothes). We would ask our guests to have to take some care to avoid all forms of waste.

3.2 The Residence offers the occupants of each apartment one parking space (1), covered or uncovered, and Guest choice based on availability. The guest, if he likes, may request the assignment of parking space at the time of reservation or check-in, subject to availability. The car park is unattended, the owners of the means are required to take personal precautions in securing their vehicles against theft and damage, in that sense the direction of the Residence is relieved of all responsibility. Any loss of oil from cars can cause damage to the pavement, will be assessed if damage to the structure of vehicles, the owner will be required to compensate them entirely at their own expense, upon presentation of invoice by the Residence or outside firm responsible for the repair.

3.3 Kitchen facilities - The Apartments have a large entrance / dining room with table, chairs, "cooking" or "kitchen" with fridge, oven, stove, sink, dishes, cutlery and accessories. Other components of furniture and accessories are an option available from payment.

3.4 The apartments have one or two bedrooms, according to the type required, complete with furnishings, linens, towels, soap, mats, clothes, tents, etc ..., on request and for long stay guest can avail of a their dowries, saving on costs of services.

3.5 The change of linen every 5 days and is guaranteed to always first check-in.

3.6 The initial cleaning of the premises is the responsibility of the Directorate and is part of the standard delivery of services at no additional cost. The room cleaning, linen change, and other services related to the use of the Apartment, in the days following the first, shall be borne by the Guest and will be their duty to care. Upon request, a fee, you can use the option "Full Service Day", which provides clean environments, making the beds, linen, etc..

3.7 No smoking is allowed inside the apartments and common areas inside, with the exception of apartments specifically used for smoking, available on request / booking.

3.8 During the period of stay the Guest House will be available forever, but within 30 minutes of time from h 10.00 to h 16.00, in the days of linen or cleaning services, to allow the reorganization of the same .

3.9 All basic services (water, electricity, gas, hot and cold air conditioning, parking, internet, before cleaning, weekly cleaning (every 5 days), parking, etc ... are normally always included in the price paid for the stay, unless otherwise agreed, any extra services are to be requested and paid for separately.

3.10 Hot and Cold Drinks - The Residence is equipped with an automatic Carde and Cold Beverages, located in the basement (stairway Garage). Guests can therefore stock up on what is available at the machine. There is no counter sales of products or other food, liquids and solids.

3.11 Internet - All apartments are equipped with a Internet connection via WiFi and wired LAN. The service is completely free. In accordance with Law 155/2005 (Decreto Pisanu, Antiterrorism), the connections are controlled by a dedicated server and the respective log files archived and made available to the competent Authorities, for any feedback / controls.


4.1 The Management is not responsible of the non compliance of objects and / or values not delivered to the reception of guests, each guest being taken care of the storage of any of his property for damage resulting from acts of God and the nature of the thing, which atmospheric ones, natural disasters, epidemics, diseases, falling trees or branches or products on the nature of plants, wind gusts, accidents at sea, damage or theft car in the parking area and the area of the structure. For no reason, at the time of departure will be recognized to cover any discounts or alleged disruptions that may occur as a result of the events described above.

4.2 In the administration of housing, particular attention must be given to: water sanitary appliances to close the valves, turn off lights and appliances when you leave dall'alloggio, proper use of electrical outlets, proper use of the kitchen hot plates avoid wetting with water the same plates, ensuring at least two air changes per day in the room by opening windows for at least twenty minutes, use fume hood and / or vacuum during cooking of foods, proper use of local exhaust ventilation service.

4.3 Any faults must be reported immediately to the properties that will in the time allowed to restore the proper functionality than reported.


5.1 With the signature on this form and the taking over of the keys, the guest confirms explicitly know the rules of the residence listed on this contract and / or any other advertisements placed in the structure and / or warnings verbally notified at booking or check-in, and accept them all, without distinction, without reservation.

5.2 The 'prohibited conduct in the premises any activity that is incompatible with the rules of hygiene, to disturb the other guests of the Residence, with the decoration of the building and its security, and in contrast with the Local Laws and national and in particular L. February 20 1958, n.75 "Abolition of regulation of prostitution and combating the exploitation of prostitution (OJ March 4 n.55)."

5.3 You 'Do not make changes to the furnishings and equipment which is fitted to the housing. The property is not liable for any damage caused to persons or property caused as a result of misuse of furnishings and equipment or modifications thereof.

5.4 The Management reserves the right at any time revise these Rules, which will be displayed at the entrance of the Hotel and Apartments, in a special bulletin board, to ensure everyone an ever better use of the structure.

5.5 To what is not expressly specified herein, refers to the "Framework Law on Tourism", LR September 11, 1989 n. 45, Title V, Houses and Apartments.

5.6 For any dispute the jurisdiction of the Court of Lanciano (CH)


6.1 The Guest acknowledges and accepts the existence of functioning of the Electronic Registry Internet Service (hereinafter the log), compiled and guarded by the "MATTEO RESIDENCE SRL" or by third parties. The contents of the log has the character of absolute confidentiality and will be shown exclusively at the request of the competent authorities. In compliance with the Act 196/2003, the Guest declares that the above information and give your consent to the processing of personal data, directly or through third parties, and to comply with its obligations under the Act, regulation or legislation Community and in particular to give effect to all contractual obligations, for the following purposes relating to the services object of this Regulation and any additions / changes: a) Develop stidi market statistics and research, b) send advertising / informational c) to carry out the sales or placement; d) sending commercial information and / or interactive commercial communications.

The Management - MATTEO RESIDENCE SRL - Via Marcianese, 110 / A - 66034 LANCIANO (CH) Italy


The rules for cancellation by individual guests is based on legislation in force. Reservations made online may be canceled in writing, by FAX to be sent to +39-0872.470051, within 24 hours of booking.
Any "deposit" paid by the Client / Guest will be refunded by the Administration of Residence within 5 working days of cancellation, deducted of any charges / fees and any other bank.
After 24 hours of booking, the Directors of MATTEO RESIDENCE not be required to refound the amount paid as for "deposit".
The Groups are required to state to the final number of guests 15 days before arrival. The reservations of a number of guests / up to 10% of guests originally expected may be revoked, at no additional cost within 15 days of arrival. In the rest, the following penalties will be applied for cancellations:
- 30% of the price for cancellation made 2 months from scheduled arrival;
- 50% of the price for cancellation made 1 months from scheduled arrival;
- 70% of the price for cancellation made 15 days from scheduled arrival;
- 90% of the price for cancellation made 7 days from scheduled arrival.
In case of cancellation without notice or no show-up by the host, he will have to pay the full prescribed amount for the stay.
Cancellations for valid reasons by the Residence must be in writing within two weeks from the day fixed for the arrival.
If the residence was to cancel the booking, it will immediately notify the customer by proposing an alternative accommodation with similar characteristics, by location and price. If the customer does not accept any alternative solution will be refunded the entire deposit.
The Residence is not responsible for cancellations occurred due to force majeure, due to natural disasters, fires, earthquakes, landslides or war.